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Rectifier Flatpack 2

flatpack2_m-154x200.jpgВыпрямитель Flatpack2. Для систем Flatpack2. 24В и 48В. от 500Вт до 3000Вт.

Flatpack2 Rectifier

Flatpack2 is the ultimate building block in any Telecom application. Its power density and cost efficiency makes it ideal for loads from 1 kilowatt to several 10’s of kilowatts.

Product Description

With horizontal airflow, there is no limit to how many shelves of rectifiers can be stacked on top of each other and other equipment can be mounted directly on top. Fully flexible, extremely compact: a single rectifier module that covers all your DC power requirements.

Key Features

Highest efficiency in minimum space

Industry-leading power efficiency is achieved using resonant topology, which contributes to the rectifier’s ultra compact design.

Digitally controlled

Digital primary and secondary control processes provide excellent rectifier monitoring and regulation characteristics.

Heat management

Front-to-back airfl ow with chassis-integrated heat sinks allows the rectifier to work efficiently in most working environments.

Input protection

Varistors for transient protection, mains fuse in both lines and disconnection from the mains above specified input voltage.

Output protection

Overvoltage shutdown
Blocking diode
Short circuit proof
High temperature protection

Flatpack2 HE 48/3000
Напряжение: 85-300VAC
Эффективность: 96%
Ток на выходе: 62,5 A

Flatpack2 HE 48/2000
Напряжение: 85-300VAC
Эффективность: 96%
Ток на выходе: 41,7 A

Flatpack2 48/2000
Напряжение: 85-300VAC
Эффективность: 92%
Ток на выходе: 41,7A

Flatpack2 24/2000
Напряжение: 85-290VAC
Эффективность: 89%
Ток на выходе: 84A

Flatpack2 24/2000 NICd
Напряжение: 85-300VAC
Эффективность: 91%
Ток на выходе: 70 A

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