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Multisite Monitor



Server based monitoring software

MultiSite Monitor (MSM) tracks the energy performance and status of all your sites. Access performance data that can be used to evaluate investments in hybrid DC power system and for marketing of site fleet’s reduced carbon emission. Instant site status makes MultiSite Monitor the 1st line site maintenance tool; whenever there is a site in alarm, it is easily seen in the map, the list and top bar. One click in the site’s details view will open the site’s webpages in a new tab for further investigation of the alarm. 

System infrastructure
The MultiSite Monitor server polls all connected sites for data using JSON protocol over http port 80. This transmission is not encrypted and suitable inside customer backbone network. If sites are to be connected through the open internet, IPsec encryption is recommended. Monitoring clients and administrator only needs access to the MultiSite Monitor server webpages. Service clients also need access directly to the sites to reach their internal webpages for configuration and details about alarms. 

Eltek hybrid site
Several energy sources can be utilized for feeding the DC load and charging the batteries; AC from mains or generator, and renewable source as wind and solar. The hybrid site controller logs energy produced by the various sources. The energy logs, key parameters and status are sent to the MultiSite Monitor server
Key Features
Easy access through web browser for both clients and administrators
Monitoring clients do not need access to site network
Central database server holds statistical data – decreased latency when browsing
Server to site data transfer through http port 80 – fire wall friendly
Map view – easy recognizable overview over sites
Site list – organize in groups for easy look-up
Help web pages (FAQ) available online

Used in industries
Data Center

Usage areas
Distributed Power Solutions
Central Power Solutions