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SVC(NEW) Single-phase And Three-phase High Accuracy Full Automatic AC Voltage Stabilizer


Please check the voltage stabilizer supply voltage and input voltage range (05KVA-5KVA) 150V-250V 220V
Mustn't use the voltage stabilizer in case of overload
(0.5KVA-5KVA) 150V-250V 220V Please use good cables for connecting
Please pay attention to the cable connections between input terminal and power supply, and between output terminal and load If the fuse is damaged, please examine your voltage stabilizer and load
The output voltage of the instrument shall be the same as that of voltage stabilizer Please use the fuses of same rated values, mustn't use the nonrated fuses or wires
Please adjust the selector switch of input voltage to a voltage step that is the same as power supply Install it in the dry places without corrosive gas and water