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SVR Series Fully Automatic Voltage Regulator


SVR Series voltage regulators have advanced equipment, abundant technology, reliable quality and distinguished credit,AVR,AR series are designed at JB3717-84 request. These products conform to fully automatic control of integrated circuit. They are of quick speed, good reliable of sensitive action, convenient use and assure the stale result. They are suit-able for families, schools, enterprises, hotels and diets etc., where need a stable civil power. They can make the illumination lap, TV set, refrigerator, air-conditioner, computer and copy machine etc. work at a normal condition and have a long using time.

2. Specification

Frequency Regulating Time Temperature Rise Withstand Voltage Low Voltage Protection Over Voltage Protection
50-60Hz Less Than 0.5 <60oC Accord With Ministry Issued Standard Output 160V Output 260V
Model Range Input Civil Power Voltage(V) Output Precision of Stabling Voltage
Current 160-260 220V±3%
0.5KVA To Over-Low Voltage 130-260 220V±8%
5KVA Special Over-Low Voltage 115-265 220V±10%
High Precision of Stabling Voltage 160-265 220V±5%