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SVC-D(LCD) Series Fully Automatic A.C. Voltage Regulator


1. Summary
SVC-D Series AC automatic voltage regulator is the latest product studied and produced by ourselves. These products adopt 8 digits CPU control produced by the well-known MOTOROLA company, which can stabilize the precision and set up the delay time. The products also have many protection functions on delay, over-voltage invert-delay, lack voltage, over load invert-delay, lack voltage, over load, over temperature, machine malfunction and so on. They have digital display, blue-screen lightproof, dynamic panel display and it can show the working status of the machine. When the machine works abnormally, on the panel there is corresponding due and short or long warning.

Specification 0.5KVA,1KVA,1.5KVA,2KVA,3KVA,5KVA
Input Voltage (1)AC 150V~250V
(2)AC 70V~130V
Output Voltage AC (1)220V (2)110V
Stabilization Precision When 220V,±3%
When 110V,±3%
Frequency 50Hz,60Hz
Delay Time Long:180s;Short:5s
Protection Value
(1)250V/5s delay;
(2)275V/2s delay;
(3)295V/1s delay;
Lack-voltage Protection Value 180V/5s delay
Over-load Protection Value 2.8times than rated capacity
Over-temperature Protection Value 90oC
Load Capacity Factor cos 0.9
Regulating Time When input varies 10%,less than 1s
Waveform Distrotion No additional waveform distortion
Reactance Strength 1500V/1min
Insulation Resistance >5MΩ
Insulation Grade E grade
Environment Temperature:-10oC~+40oC Humidity:<90%