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SAR Series Fully Automatic A.C.Voltage Regulator


These special products of SAR series Voltage Regulator have advanced equipment, abundant technology, reliable quality and distinguished credit. SAR series are designed at JS3717-84 request, these products conform to fully automatic control of integrated circuit. They are of quick speed, good reliable of sensitive action, convenient use and assure the stale resuit. They are suitable for families, schools, enterprises, hotels and diets etc., where need a stable civil power. They can make the illumination lamp, TV set, air-conditioner, refrigerator, computer SAR-2000VA and copy machine etc. work at a normal condition and have a long using time.

2. Technical specification

Frequency Regulating Time Temperature Rise Withstand Voltage Low Voltage Protection Over Voltage Protection
50-60Hz Less Than 0.5 <60oC Accord With Ministry Issued Standard Output 100V/160V Output 270V/260V
Model Range Input Civil Power Voltage(V) Output Precision of Stabling Voltage
Current 160-260 220V±5%
0.5KVA To 5KVA Over-Low Voltage 130-270 220V±8%
Special Over-Low Voltage 100-270 220V±10%
High Precision of Stabling Voltage 160-270 220V±3%